No Foul

Laboratory tested and real world proven to out perform any penetrating oil currently available. A revolution in penetrating oil science.

Promech Brake Cleaner is a bio-based brake cleaner that has been formulated to dissolve even the  toughest brake fluid and grime  
build-up on brake components.  

Promech Penetrating Oil is now fully GHS and OSHA Compliant


We have developed a penetrating oil, Promech, that is faster acting and more effective at freeing up rusted, corroded, or seized fasteners and parts than anything currently available. It was not intended as a universal lubricant. We concentrated our efforts on developing the penetrating part of the formula. After all, the slipperiest substance on earth is not going to loosen that rusted bolt and nut if it cannot get in there to work.

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Phone: (641) 357-1455