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Mark Zimmerman

Palm Coast, FL
Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine

"For 45 years, I earned the bulk of my living twisting wrenches, and in that time I've come across more frozen fasteners and tried more types of penetrating oil than most of you have had hot meals -- and not once through all those busted bolts have I ever seen a penetrating oil that cut through corrosion better than Promech Professional Mechanics Formula Pentrating Oil.

What's in Promech? I couldn't tell you if I wanted to. I can tell you that it uses a wicking action to penetrate corrosion-seized fasteners, and that it works really well at freeing hardware seized by galvanic action, which occurs when dissimilar metals are threaded together and then subjected to moisture. It's a problem common to motorcycles, which tend to have lots of steel screws threaded directly into aluminum. I can also tell you that it seems to work equally well no matter what position the fasteners are in, a huge advantage when you're on your back trying to free that recalcitrant screw directly overhead.

Understand that Promech is not a universal rust buster/cleaner, like your typical moisture-displacing lubricants are. For starters it's far more aggressive at dissolving rust and corrosion than any over-the-counter product, and in fact needs to be used with some caution, as it can damage certain types of paint and plastic. Furthermore, Promech isn't a lubricant, although it does have some lubricating properties. Promech's sole purpose is to migrate into threads and break down corrosion that's locking things up so you can separate parts without damaging them. After using the stuff on everything from old motorcycles to not-so-new tractors for the last few weeks, I can tell you that it does that exceedingly well."

Dennis Byrne Jr. - Certified Master Mechanic

Clockamas, OR
Tim's Automotive

"I just want to say thanks for the Promech Penetrating Oil you had sent me for testing. Here in Portland Oregon we don’t get much rust but we do get cars from the coast and they do have rusted bolts and seized parts. I had an exhaust manifold with rusted bolts that were locked up hard and would not move at all. There were 3 bolts so I soaked 2 of them with ** ******* penetrating oil, and one with Promech. I waited about 20 minutes and the one soaked with Promech was the only one I could break loose in that time. When I got the bolt out that I sprayed with Promech, it had worked almost all the way down the threads. When I got the other 2 out some time later, the other penetrating oil had only worked about a quarter of the way down the threads and they took some work to get them out.

I also had a tech, that was doing some suspension work on a car and he was having a hard time getting a bolt to break loose. He had tried *** ** ** brand of penetrating oil on it and let it sit for about an hour while he went to lunch. When he got back it still didn’t even move. He came and asked me if I had any ideas on getting it broke loose. I gave him the Promech and told him to give it a try and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

He sprayed it down and let it sit, and was amazed because he didn’t even put half the pressure on it that he did earlier and it came out with no problem. And again the Promech had worked most of the way down the threads.

Please let me know when Promech goes into full production so we can have it on our shelf because it does work really good."

Thanks again,
Dennis Byrne Jr.

Jimmy Wright

Waukegan, IL
Master Truck and Trailer

Take 5 for Promech

  1. Is Promech better than what you currently use for similar applications?

    Yes, Promech out works all other products.

  2. If there is improvement over your current product, is it to enough of a degree where you would switch to using Promech?

    Yes, All the other products work in some cases, but using Promech, you know it’s going to work.

  3. What would you pay for Promech?

    I would rather pay more for Promech than waste my money on other products that don’t get the job done.

  4. What attributes of Promech did you find most attractive?

    The speed at which Promech works, it’s “bubbling” action, and no bad odor.

  5. What, if anything would you change about Promech?

    Not a thing! Can’t wait until I can buy more Promech and keep saving time, as time is money!

Pat N.

Waukegan, IL

“ I had a leaky gas pipe that ran alongside my deck at home. Gas pipe is black pipe and this one had rusted bad being outside. Had to disconnect the union to repair the leak. I used the biggest pipe wrenches I could get ahold of and could not budge it. Even injured some muscles I think. I realized I had some Promech and tried it. Came apart so easy I could have used the little pipe wrenches I had in the garage. Hope it goes on sale before I use this can up.

Rick M. - Hot Rodder

Round Lake, IL

"I know Promech was not intended for this use but……….. I’m restoring a ’39 Chevy and has the original chrome bumper. It was really “Tanned” with rust. I sprayed it with Promech and about 15 minutes and a couple of shop rags later, it looks great! Now I don’t have to search for a reproduction bumper."

Tom W. - Auto Technician

Winthrop Harbor, IL

"We were using ** ******* for any rusted or seized parts on customers cars. Thought it worked fairly well. Until the customers started complaining about the foul smell. Had one bring it back to the shop and demand that we “unstink” their car. Then we tried Promech, not only does it not have a bad odor, it actually works much better, and a lot faster! Send us some as soon as you can."

Glenn B.

Evanston, IL

"We’ve got a Terra Cotta Gargoyle my Dad rescued from an old building in Chicago. The mounting bolts had been rusting for some 40 years. We needed to free them up without damaging the Gargoyle. Tried Promech and it worked great. Loosened them up quickly, and with no damage."

John Q. - Professional Chassis Builder

Chassis Service Unlimited - Waukegan, IL

"We use a water cooled “Cold Saw” to cut our chrome moly and various other alloys. Occasionally it seizes up over a weekend of non-use due to the water on the machined surfaces. We’ve always soaked it down with ** ******* and go back from time to time to work it in. Shot it with some of the Promech you sent us, and in about 15 minutes it was good to go. Can we get more?"

George, Lead Fleet Mechanic

Midwest Business Unit, Park City, IL
(Major) Bottling Co. Fleet Maintenance

  1. Is Promech better than what you presently use for the same applications?

    By far, there is no comparison to anything presently available.

  2. If there is improvement over your current product, is it to enough of a degree where you would switch to using Promech?

    Absolutely, I don’t think it can get any better, faster or more effective.

  3. What would you pay for Promech?

    Would like to see it competitively priced, but we would have no problem with $7-10.00 a can.

  4. What attributes did you find most attractive?

    The speed at which it works, it’s amazing. It also works where nothing else has ever been sucessful.

  5. What, if anything would you change about Promech?

    Its flash point is very low, you have to be careful where you use it and let it dry completely before exposing it to high heat or flame. But I guess it wouldn’t work as well if it wasn’t flammable.


"Myself and my crew are responsible for the repair and maintenance of 52 cars and vans, 47 trucks and trailers, and numerous fork lifts, pallet jacks, etc. totaling 197 units in all. On top of repairs, we keep a strict schedule of preventative maintenance service. We are only allowed a specified amount of time to service each unit. We often have surprise problems that take more time and the speed and effectiveness of Promech has made it a lot easier to deal with many of those problems. Time is money.

A few of the standouts; An ’04 Freightliner tractor had frozen door locks, which has happened before. We normally have to replace the locks. While the driver was waiting I suggested to one of our mechanics to first try Promech penetrating oil on it. A couple of squirts and in less than 10 minutes they were freed up good as new. Both the driver and my mechanic were amazed.

An ’06 Chevy Express Van had to have a tail light bulb replaced. The screws holding the lens are small 10mm and were seized. We’ve had this problem before and always had to replace the entire taillight housing. The visiting mechanic with the van used just a little Promech on it himself and freed up the screws in minutes. Then saying 'This stuff is awesome! Where can I get it? I want a bunch of this!'

Fontana tractor/trailer fifth wheel. The safety latches on fifth wheels are notorious for seizing. Often without the driver realizing it. In the past we would have to use an acetylene torch on them and then soak them with PB Blaster. The mechanic tried first using a little Promech on it and was amazed when it did the job in minutes. Again time is money.

’03 Pontiac Aztec, frozen 10 mm fuel filter mounting stud. These are very hard to access and normally they almost always break off. Then we would have to try to drill out the remains of the stud, re-tap it, and replace it. A little Promech loosened it up right away. Saved a lot of time and bloody knuckles.

We are very anxious to able to get more of the Promech penetrating oil. Our single test can was gone very quickly, and as it was running low, we tried to save it for the toughest situations. Count us in!

I (we) have not been compensated in any way for this endorsement of Promech Penetrating lube."

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