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Promech Oil Material Safety Data Sheet

Our Material Safety Data Sheet information is currently in the process of being updated.

We will have this information back up shortly. If you have any immediate questions regarding this information, please contact Promech Oil directly by calling (847) 693-8054 or through email at Thank you for your patience and understanding.


"We use a water cooled “Cold Saw” to cut our chrome moly and various other alloys. Occasionally it seizes up over a weekend of non-use due to the water on the machined surfaces. We’ve always soaked it down with ** ******* and go back from time to time to work it in. Shot it with some of the Promech you sent us, and in about 15 minutes it was good to go. Can we get more?"

John Q. - Professional Chassis Builder
Chassis Service Unlimited - Waukegan, IL

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