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About Promech

From the Founder

I have been a car guy, or hot rodder, since the age of about 10. Classics and restorations were always top of the list. Tearing apart these old relics was always a challenge. The products available to break loose rusted nuts, bolts, etc. were expensive, and we usually had to use almost an entire can on a couple of bolts and let it sit for days. We still ended up busting them off with a breaker bar. Some of the stuff was vintage and irreplaceable. 

I thought the slipperiest substance in the world is worthless unless it can get down into these bolts. I mixed some stuff up in my garage using a very aggressive carrier, and it worked. Though it evaporates quickly, it penetrates the worst rotted and rusted situations in the restoration world.

- Brian Bell | Founder of Promech Oil


"I don't think it can get any better, faster, or more effective than Promech. The speed at which it works is amazing. It also works where nothing else has ever been successful."

George, Lead Fleet Mechanic
Midwest Business Unit, Park City, IL

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