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About Promech

From the Founder

I have been a car guy, or hot rodder, since the age of about 10. Classics and restorations were always top of the list. Tearing apart these old relics was always a challenge. The products available to break loose rusted nuts, bolts, etc. were expensive, and we usually had to use almost an entire can on a couple of bolts and let it sit for days. We still ended up busting them off with a breaker bar. Some of the stuff was vintage and irreplaceable. 

I thought the slipperiest substance in the world is worthless unless it can get down into these bolts. I mixed some stuff up in my garage using a very aggressive carrier, and it worked. Though it evaporates quickly, it penetrates the worst rotted and rusted situations in the restoration world.

- Brian Bell | Founder of Promech Oil


"I would rather pay more for Promech than waste my money on other products that don’t get the job done."

Jimmy Wright
Waukegan, IL

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